Super bull or Vicky Donor? Yuvraj, father of 1.5 lakh calves is worth Rs 9 crore!

The bull earns his owner upwards of Rs 50 lakh per year.

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At nearly 6 feet and 1,500 kilogram, Yuvraj, a bull in Sunarion village of Kurukshetra district in Haryana is probably the world's costliest, and the most pampered. He came into prominence when Karamvir Singh, his owner, rejected an offer of Rs 9 crore from a wealthy farmer.

Yuraj, the brand

The 8-year-old bull attracts visitors from far and wide. He is kept in a special shed, with state-of-the-art facilities for the collection of his semen. A single ejaculation is then diluted into 500-600 doses and stored in liquid nitrogen containers. Each dose is sold for about Rs 300. Karamvir says that the money he earns from Yuvraj helps keep his other buffalos in better condition. Yuvraj is no mere name here, it is a brand! And a cash cow if there was one.

The Murrah breed

The Murrah breed is originally from Punjab and Haryana and Punjab in Pakistan, but has been used to improve the milk production of dairy buffalo in other countries, such as Italy and Egypt.

Yuvraj, the gladiator

Murrah bulls are such a rare breed of buffalo, dairy farmers across north India look for semen of any known Murrah bull for their milch buffaloes. And Yuvraj, naturally is the 'granddaddy' of them all!

20 litres of milk, 5 kg of apples

The bull has won first prize at national-level championships around 17 times! Yuvraj drinks about 20 litres of milk with about 5 kg of apples and around 15 kg of grain and dry fruits.

Of course, it doesn't come cheap - about Rs 3,000 a day. It's another thing that he makes his owner upwards of Rs 50 lakh per year.

Even Modi couldn't resist!

And then Yuvraj is taken for a 5-kilometre walk ever day. He is always attended by a 4-member staff.
Yuvraj's mother Ganga, is also a high-yield buffalo, said to be producing about 26 litres of milk every day. Yuvraj is in high demand not only in and around Haryana and Punjab, but is also among farmers from countries such as Canada, Brazil, and Venezuela.

Krishi Unnati Mela being inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi in this photograph taken in 2016. Yuvraj can be seen in the photo too. All photographs: Screengrabs



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