Sunanda Pushkar Murder: Shashi Tharoor dares Subramanian Swamy to name killers

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New Delhi, Jan 13: Sunanda Pushkar death case has taken another twist when Shashi Tharoor dared Subramanian Swamy to disclose the name(s) of the person(s) who killed his wife. This was the first time when Tharoor reacted against Swamy's allegations in connection with Sunanda's death case.

Reacting strongly against Swamy's allegations, Tharoor on Tuesday, Jan 13 said, "Who is he? If he knows the murderer let him tell the police."

Subramanian Swamy, Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor

Meanwhile, Subramanian Swamy claimed that Delhi Police should arrest Tharoor if they find something suspicious while interrogating the Congress leader.

Swamy, while supporting his allegations against Tharoor, also asserted, "I don't talk without evidences, when the time comes I will tell all. Congress has backed Shashi Tharoor, they are worried that Tharoor may break." [Sunanda murder case: Police going through Nalini Singh's statement on Tharoor-Tarar affair]

Continuing his statement, Swamy also claimed, "I only said that Tharoor knows the murderer as he had helped the murderer of Sunanda Pushkar."

Swamy earlier had claimed that Tharoor had spent time with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar in Dubai in 2013. Swamy reportedly said so by referring to a report on a news channel which suggested that "a witness has revealed that Tharoor and Tarar stayed together in Dubai for three days."

52-year-old Sunanda was found dead in a luxury hotel in Delhi on Jan 17, 2014. She was found dead following an open spat with Tarar on Twitter.

The couple and Tarar made headlines at that time as their open spat had drawn attention on the couple's personal life and the Pakistani journalist.

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