Sunanda Pushkar death: Injury number 10 confirmed it was murder

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New Delhi, Jan 6: The investigations into the death of Sunanda Pushkar, wife of former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor, has taken a new turn as the Delhi police registered a case of murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.

The Delhi police filed murder charges in this case based on the medical report. The medical report clearly states that she died of poisoning and investigations would now reveal who poisoned her and how it was done.

Sunanda Pushkar

Injury number 10:

It appears as though the Delhi police focused entirely on injury number 10 on the body of Sunanda before deciding on registering a murder case.

As per the final medical report injury number 10 was a syringe mark and it appeared to have been forcefully done.

In all there were 15 injury marks on her body and on examination it was found that injury number 10 could have been fatal.

There is an indication that the poison was injected into her body.

What are the chemicals?

The police would need to seek further details on the chemicals that were injected into her body.

The medical report lists, polonium and thallium which are extremely lethal. These drugs will need to be tested in a laboratory outside India.

While the presence of thallium and polonium will have be determined in labs outside the country, there is also evidence to show the presence of nerium oleander.

No overdose prima facie:

Prima facie evidence and also the medical report suggests that there was no drug overdose which had been reported when the incident first came to light.

The medical report does not show the presence of Alprax the anti anxiety drug in her body. It was concluded at that time that there was presence of Alprax as there were strips of the same lying next to her body.

The medical report however pointed to the presence of both caffine and alcohol. However both these are not fatal.

No jumping the gun:

The Delhi police made it clear that the case is being re-investigated. There is no need to jump the gun, a Delhi police officer told OneIndia and investigations will give the clear picture.

Whether there was just one person or three at the time of her death is something that is again under investigation.

Even the Police Commissioner of Delhi said that they would re-examine the witnesses.

At the moment the case is of murder and it is just a matter of time before the clear picture comes out.

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