Subramanian Swamy hopes NDA to fare well in South

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Hyderabad, Apr 24: Expressing confidence that the NDA would get an absolute majority in Lok Sabha elections, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Thursday hoped that the coalition would do well in Southern states including Tamil Nadu.

"I think Modi wave is there in every part of India. The question is whether the organization is strong enough to take advantage of it. Therefore, I would say in Tamil Nadu also, we will get more seats than we ever got before," he told reporters.

He felt that the BJP would do well in the future in Tamil Nadu too with the younger generation reportedly taking pride in being Indians first.

"I think we have a very big scope for the future  because the younger generation now is openly saying that we are Indians first and Tamils afterwards. The Dravida movement was a movement created by the British on this bogus history that there are two communities in India called Aryans and Dravidians, which is nonsense. Because the DNA which has been tested shows that we are all Indians of the same DNA," he said.

Asked about the row over the comments of Bihar BJP leader Giriraj Singh, he said Singh did not make any "hate speech" against any community.


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