Subramanian Swamy attacks Sonia Gandhi, says who is taking her citizenship away

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New Delhi, May 10: BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has slammed Congress president Sonia Gandhi for her remark where she declared her unflinching devotion for India.

Terming Sonia Gandhi coward by nature, Swamy said that who is snatching her citizenship and driving her away from India.

Swamy fires fresh salvo at Sonia Gandhi

Swamy was quoted by the ANI as saying, "She is a coward by nature, so such strong words do not befit her. Why is she making such statements now? Who is taking away her citizenship? Whether she stays in ten janpath or tihar jail I can't say. But the fact remains that no one is driving her away from this country".

BJP leader also cited past examples to prove the point that  'escapism' was in the DNA of Sonia Gandhi .

" She has a history of running away when facing a crisis. In 1971 she ran away during the Bangladesh war with her children, then in 1977 she hid in the Italian embassy, in 1991 she put all her jewellery and precious belonging into a trunk put it on a plane to Singapore and deposited there".

Earlier, responding to Prime Minister's Modi's jibe, Sonia said that 'I will breathe my last in India'.

"I will die in India and my ashes will be immersed in India as the blood of my loved ones are mixed in this soil. I also know PM Modi will never understand my integrity", Sonia said at an election rally in Thiruvananthapuram.

Congress president also trained her guns at BJP and RSS for raking up her Italy connection again and gain.

"For all of my 48 years here, the RSS, BJP ad others have taunted me to shame me for my brith. I was born to proud and honest parents. I will never be ashamed of them. Yes I have relatives in Italy. I have a 93-year-old mother and two sisters", Sonia said.

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