Student's suicide: "System at Hyderabad Varsity needs to be overhauled"

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Hyderabad, Jan 20: The death of Rohith Vemula, a scholar at the Hyderabad University, has sparked protests and debates across the country.

Even as the calls for Union Minister, Bandaru Dattatreya to step down get louder, there is also a demand being made to overhaul the administration at the university.

Protest in Hyderabad University

The Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, a leading NGO at Hyderabad, has accused some members in the university of playing into the hands of communal forces.

The general secretary of the committee, Lateed Mohammad Khan in this chat with OneIndia says that there is an urgent need to overhaul the system or else matters will get worse.

Overhaul the system at Hyderabad University:

The students coming from the marginalized and backward communities have become the target of communal politics, Khan says.

Many are against these students from pursuing higher education. Universities should be the centre for the production of intellectuals for the betterment of the society.

But the Indian universities have been occupied by communal forces, he also adds.

Educational institutions are the targets of communal forces. They want to convert all the higher educational institutions including the universities into haven of communalism.

This is clearly visible in the central universities such as English and Foreign Language University (EFLU), University of Hyderabad (UOH), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) etc.

The communal minded staff in the administration and students have been given free hands to conspire and made the informers who in turn give each and every minute detail of those whom administration thinks as against them.

In fact, the scholars are the pressure group who put a check on the wrong doings of the administration.

Students were not guilty:

Khan says that In this case of five scholars who were socially boycotted from the campus on the pretext of punishment, were in fact found not guilty by the proctorial committee that conducted an enquiry and their suspension was revoked.

But later when the new vice-chancellor was appointed, the BJP minister Bandaru Dattatraya wrote a letter to the MHRD minister Smriti Irani that the university students belonging to the Ambedkar Students Association are ‘castiest, extremist and anti-national', and action should be taken for a ‘change for better'.

The HRD minister asked the vice-chancellor to take action against such students and thus these five scholars were suspended from the hostel and public places in the campus.

These five scholars were sleeping on the ground in the open place since their suspension, demanding to revoke it.

One can imagine the cold in the campus, where the temperature would be generally lower than the other places in this winter season.

Under this situation, students lost hope on university administration and one of them felt distressed and thought death is better than this kind of miserable life, Khan also points out.

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