Peshawar school terror attack: Home Ministry issues SOPs for schools

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Bengaluru, Dec 19: The attack at an army school in Peshawar has been noted with extremely concern by India. The Home Minstry based on the Intelligence Bureau report on Friday drafted new Standard Operating Procedures to be followed in schools.

The IB in its report said that schools are vulnerable to attacks and terrorists or the fan boys of the organizations could work as lone wolves in a bid to target schools which are normally a soft target. It has been seen in India that even naxals target schools, but the recent attacks have been carried out only when the schools were empty. [Full text of the SOP issued by the government]


Standard Operating Procedures

  • All schools must have a concrete boundary wall.
  • There must be at least three gates and each should be manned by a guard.
  • Each of these gates must have a telephone connected to the school
  • Wireless modes of communication must also be given to the guards
  • CCTVs are mandatory at all schools. CCTVs must be installed both inside and outside the schools more importantly at the entry points.
  • Install a public announcement system.
  • Mock drills must be conducted regularly
  • Guards must be trained on how to handle situations pertaining to abduction.In the event of an attack, children must ensure that the children are evacuated and the gates of the school closed.
  • Set up alarms in schools and have connectivity with the police control room.
  • Teachers must be trained to handle such situations.
  • Children must be priority for the teachers and they should train them on how to act in a situation.
  • In the event of a firing children must be told to lie to the ground.
  • Safe passages must be provided in schools.

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