Soon, Bill to criminalize bribery! Another step by Modi Govt towards a corruption-free India

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New Delhi, Mar 2 : After the NDA government contemplated to amend the law to make bribery -- both cash and kind -- during elections a cognisable offence, now the Modi government is reportedly said to consider amendments in domestic laws that would criminalize any attempt to bribe.

This will include bribing foreign public officials and officials of public international organizations.

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As per a TOI report, "The home ministry is also considering a proposal for amendments in Indian Penal Code (IPC) for criminalizing acts of bribery in the private sector. For this, the ministry has circulated a draft amendment bill among states for their views. The proposed amendments will address all pending legislative changes required for India to fully ratify UNCAC."

"It may be mentioned in this context that the question of criminalization of bribery within the private sector is part of the general criminal law and, accordingly, a proposal for carrying out necessary amendments in IPC for criminalizing acts of bribery in the private sector is under consideration of the MHA," as per the daily,
an official statement said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, throughout his electioneering, sought votes to curb widespread corruption and bribery in the government offices, but if reports are to be believed then Law Commission has come up with a recommendation that might promote bribery.

As per reports, suggesting amendments in the Prevention of Corruption Amendment Bill, 2013, the Law Commission wants to decriminalisation of bribery 'if taken for a right cause'.

That means, the law panel has suggested the government to not to penalise a government employee if he is caught seeking bribe for a good cause.

For this, the panel has come up with a justification that Indian employees do not seek bribe only for their personal interests, infact  bribe here is taken to get some of the work done on time.

If this recommendation is accepted then only those public servants would be punished who misused their office by taking bribe.

It must be noted that taking money or favours to get the work done is legal in several countries, there it is termed as 'facilitation fee'.

A person is free to pay some extra money to get his/her work done quickly.

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