Sonia Gandhi must remain as party chief: Sandeep Dikshit

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New Delhi, Apr 6: At the time when speculations galore over Rahul Gandhi's elevation as Congress President, former MP and son of the former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit, Sandeep Dikshit on Monday, April 6 said that "he wants Sonia Gandhi to remain as Party chief".

Speaking to reports, he said, "majority of party members wants Sonia Gandhi as party chief. She can give her seat to anyone in Congress, but not her leadership. She have the puissance and valence to take all other opposition parties along with us."

Sandeep Dikshit

Dikshit also said that the Congress can't afford to lose Sonia at the crucial juncture, where her vision is pivotal to re-energise the bundled down party. [Rahul Gandhi to be named to Congress top post by May?]

"Even though Congress continues to grapple with its electoral freefall since December 2013, there is perfect synergy and coordination within the party," he said.

"Sonia Gandhi has given party the much needed push after heavy electoral defeats. She posses a unique capability of identifying the general aspirations and pulse of the masses. She is my leader," he said.

The young Congress leaders who vociferously rallied behind Rahul Gandhi, were forced to do disappearing act when Rahul went for a leave after the Delhi debacle. [Are you serious, asks BJP on Rahul Gandhi's return]

Dikshit was among the prominent faces of the party who spoke out publicly against the organisation.

In an interview, he had said there was a need to shun arrogance and trappings of power, "The culture [in Congress] has become elitist and arrogance grows from it; our cadres are uncomfortable in such a situation." [Sandip Dikshit attack on "elitist" culture in Congress]

He also said that he expects Sonia Gandhi to retain the party chief post, even after Rahul Gandhi's return.

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