Smriti Irani grilled for her children's admission; Appreciates the admission process

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New Delhi, Nov 24: HRD Minister Smriti Irani is no different when it comes to her children's admission in school. At New Delhi, she was the one who was grilled by the teachers of the school where she intended to send her children.

She faced the board, with a positive attitude, and considered it a process which should not be violated just because she was the minister. She said,""Oh yes. I actually got interviewed. When I came from Mumbai to Delhi, the first one month, I tried to work out a balance between work and home. I just could not because I barely had six hours to go to Mumbai. I have two young children, one is 11 and the other is 13."

Smriti Irani

She further added,"For me it was difficult and I said 'come to Delhi' and, mercifully, they listened. It was a difficult shift because my family never lived here and the first thing we did before we came is to give an interview as parents - got grilled by teachers and principal and then the children were grilled."

Speaking on facing the school board, she said,"I think processes should not differ just because you are a minister. This is a job, a responsibility, not a right to override the processes that every citizen goes through. So I gave an interview with my husband, got evaluated."

She also said that she was a regular to the parents-teachers' meeting. "I don't go with a barrage of cops. I think you want to give sense to your children that this is a job, not an entitlement."

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