Slain Vinayak Baliga's letter to seer Samyamindra could help broaden the probe

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Mangaluru, June 30: A 11 page strongly worded letter scripted by slain RTI activist Vinayak Baliga and sent to head of the Kashi Math broadens possible reasons for the dastardly killing of Baliga in the wee hours of March 21.

A letter dated August 4, 2015 is available with OneIndia. This letter will certainly leverage much needed clues to investigating cops to crack the case there by providing justice to Baliga who all along his life fought for the betterment of society and his community, Goud Saraswat Brahmin (GSB).


A 11 page letter casting light on alleged corruption marring Venkataramana Temple, Carstreet was sent to seer Samyamindra, present head of the Kashi Math. A reading of the letter discloses that, it is a veiled attack targeting Samyamindra seer.

The letter, perhaps strongly posed questions to seer on his role in the temple and questions raised on seer's style of functioning or unnecessary interventions in the administration of the temple by a section of GSB community members.

Allegation of corruption in the rejuvenation of temple

Baliga in the letter alleged that the Trustees of the administration has not submitted account of expenses and allocation of funds for rejuvenation of Venkataramana temple to the community members. "Rs 22 crores have been collected from the community for the revamping of the temple but audit sheets have not been produced yet and details of the spending has also not been written in the register note or book," the letter said.

Baliga said "there is no transparency in handling of funds by the Trustees. The same Trustees speak loud about transparency but when it comes to temple funding transparency is at stake." He informed Samyamindra that he will initiate legal action on the same to streamline temple administration.

Murder during the time of revamping of the temple

Baliga in the letter talked about a murder that could have been possibly brushed under the carpet. "After the completion of rejuvenation, in the presence of head of Kashi Math (erstwhile seer, Sudheendra) a murder has been occurred. What is your (Samyamindra's) opinion on the murder." Baliga questioned.

Land transactions

Baliga in his letter termed illegal, transaction of portion of land of the temple to Kashi Math. "Despite objections from the community members, a portion of land of the temple has been handed over to Kashi Math. It is illegal as transaction raised objections from the community members and after 2003 since the temple was dropped from endowment act, new scheme was in force that does not allow such transaction.

Besides this, Baliga has also alleged that temple lands is clandestinely slipping into the hands of Mangaluru builders. He said off the 1200 acres of land, 500 ares had been gone into the hands of builders. At present only 700 acres of temple properties is with the temple.

Implementation of Scheme

After 2003, the temple has been dropped from endowment act. But new scheme for the administration of the shrine has not been implemented. The administration is following the age old scheme of 1927 which has no legal sanctity. He has urged the seer to facilitate implementation the scheme asap.

"The GSB community does not have problem to administer the temple under the direction of the head of the Kashi Math. But they does not want intervention of the Kashi Math in the decision of the administration," saying this Baliga made it clear that Samyamindra must not intervene in the temple administration.

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