Should Kar HM have named Tanzanian victim or connected accident to the assault

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New Delhi, Feb 4: Dr G Parameshwar has already stirred up a controversy a few minutes after he addressed a press conference relating to the incident in which a Tanzanian national was assaulted. For starters all through the press conference he named the woman which is not morally right.

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Secondly he made a statement in which he said that had the Sudanese national not run over a lady and killed this such an incident would have never occurred.

Should HM have named Tanzanian victim?

It is not really clear what Dr Parameshwar meant when he tried saying that the mob fury would not have taken place had there not been an accident.

The assault may have been a post reaction of the accident, but to connect the two does not look like it is in the right spirit. Omar Abdullah the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir was quick to tweet, " Because a Sudanese man is the first person in Karnataka to ever run over another person, right? Make him shut up!!!

The fact is that a lady was assaulted by an irate mob. There was very little that the police did to stop the mob fury in the first place. All through the presser today, the Home Minister spoke very less about the action that was taken or not taken by the police.

He even said that the girl lodged her complaint very late. While it is true that the victim went to the press before the police, it is pertinent to note that a suo motu complaint too could have been lodged.

Parameshwar did say that when the four students in the car were assaulted a Hoysala or night patrol team did reach the spot. The police officials took the driver to the hospital while leaving behind one other personnel at the spot. It was clear that the one police personnel was unable to control the irate mob as a result of which the girl was assaulted.

Another blooper was that the home minister all through took the name of the girl. The girl has alleged that she was molested a charge that police and the home minister have denied.

However the investigation has just begun and police and the home minister are just speaking on the basis of what is prima facie available. Unless it is clearly ascertained that there was no molestation, it is not morally right to take the name of a victim.

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