Shocking Viral Video: Samsung accused of stealing user's videos, photos, uploading them online

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Bengaluru, June 25: Samsung has been accused of stealing user's data, especially photos and videos from uploading those data to their servers.

A video has become viral on internet. Many people have been sharing the video through WhatsApp, email and Facebook.

The man who accused Samsung of stealing user's data

In the video, a man claims that Samsung has hatched a conspiracy in stealing the user's data and automatically uploading it to their servers without the user's knowledge.

The man in the video shows a chip, which is placed in the battery of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. According to the man in the video, the paper-thin cheap can be removed from the battery.

The man also claimed that removing the chip will not hamper the phone or its working in any way.

However, media reports claimed that the video was a hoax. According to a report, the paper-thin cheap is nothing but NFC (Near Field Communication) antenna.

The antenna is used in most high-end smartphones, and is meant for communicating between two devices.

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