Shocking! Pregnancy strip found in Rampal's ashram

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Hisar, Nov 22: A huge stock of arms and ammunitions, acid syringes, petrol bombs, chilli grenade were found from inside Rampal's Satlok Ashram from where the self-styled Godman was arrested. However, what shocked the investigators was a pregnancy strip that was found from Rampal's adjoining room.

The shocking details came to the fore on Friday during a search conducted by the Special Investigating Team (SIT) of Haryana Police. Police also found a woman locked unconscious in the bathroom. She was admitted to a general hospital. Identified as Bijlesh, the woman is a resident of Ashok Nagar village in Madhya Pradesh.

Sant Rampal

A spokesperson of the police department said that the team recovered three .32 bore revolvers, two DBBL 12 bore, 19 air guns, two .315 bore rifles, 28 cartridges of .32 bore, 50 cartridges of 12 bore and 25 cartridges of .315 bore. Most of the weapons were kept in bags and almirahs in two secret rooms. Even the elevated structure at the centre of a room where he is seated during sessions was a hidden godown of ammunitions. This was done so that no one would suspect the location of the ammunitions.

Further search revealed a private swimming pool, state-of-the-art elevators and 24 AC rooms.Each of the rooms were as big as a farm house and had attached bathrooms with luxurious bathroom fittings. One room had a massage bed and the other one had a treadmill. Helmets, sticks and 20 pairs of black dresses were found. Two tanks comprising 800 litres of diesel and catapult were also found.

The sprawling complex was found under constant surveillance through hundreds of CCTV cameras to keep a watch on his devotees, who generally belonged to th elow-income strata.A huge amount of eatables recovered during the search operation was being thrown away by the Food and Supplies Department in compliance with the orders of the High Court. In fact, the ashram ran a well-stocked kitchen, which could cater to 1 lakh people for a month.

An electronic roti-making machine was found that had the capacity to make close to 1,000 rotis at a time. The police said that the search operation will continue for a few more days, owing to the size of the ashram. The satsang room or the place where the godman delivered his sermons was a sight of utter luxury. He was shifted to a bullet-proof box by a hydraulic lift from where he gave his sermons. The hall also had 3D projection facilities to screen Rampal. During sessions, he was guarded by commandoes and an army of security men.

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