Shocking: Osama had left a secret will to support funding war on the west

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Washington, March 2: In a shocking revelation, Osama bin Laden left a secret will saying that he had left a fortune of $29 million in Sudan, with instructions to spend all of it in continuing the global terror campaign.

The documents were recovered from his compound in Abbottabad where he was killed by Navy SEALS in 2011.

Osama Bin Laden

Apart from the handwritten will, there were 112 other documents that were released by the office of the Director of National Intelligence. The letters include intimations to subordinates and messages from followers willing to carry out suicide attacks. He was also indifferent to the way his organization was looked down upon and how the CIA was on his hunt for decades. He had called on deputies to mount operations and fill positions even as they pleaded that they lacked capable recruits.

Although the letters refer to $29 million in Sudan, it is not clear where the money is kept, Bin Laden belonged to a well-to-do family that made a vast fortune in construction projects for the Saudi Royal family. He was later expelled from the country when he fled to Sudan.

He also appeals to his relatives who may claim the fortune that it be spent the ongoing war of jihad.

He goes on to make smaller arrangements of funds for his relatives and subordinates, which includes "200,000 riyals for my sisters Maryam, Iman, and Atidal."

It is however not clear what became of his funds although the US government tried to seize all his accounts accross the world.

Bin Laden is also seen predicting a costly war between United States and Iran. The undated documets says,"Its drums are beating in the east and west, about the third world war that the leader of the White House is threatening our region with, and he has specified Iran and its allies."

A DNI spokesperson said,"it is important that the documents collected at bin Laden's compound be made available to the public."

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