Shocking: 5 rapes, 2 murders, 12 molestations take place daily in Delhi

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New Delhi, July 3: This is a shocking revelation for all the residents of Delhi. People may not have idea that the city in which they are living and want their children to grow up, have shocking crime figure.

In Delhi, everyday 5 rapes, 2 murders and 12 molestations take place. This shocking figure has come to fore in crime mapping done by the Delhi police. Districts falls in the South Delhi areas including Govindpuri, Ambedkar Nagar and Kanjhawala tops the chart in sex crime.

Delhi: 5 rapes take place daily

According to an Indian Express report, the Delhi police chief B S Bassi had ordered to map some vulnerable spots in Delhi. This was done to take stock of the situation.

Bassi had ordered Delhi police personnel to study the crime rate in these 11 districts, notorious for unsocial elements. He also had directed proper security measures to contain rising rate of crime in these spots.

Speaking assertively that these areas will be fortified, Deepak Mishra was quoted by the newspaper as saying, "We have decided to deploy more security personnel and install proper lights in vulnerable areas to curb crimes against women".

However, some policemen believe that rising number of crime data is also because people are registering more number of FIRs now.

Reportedly, most number of pick pocketing cases have been reported from Delhi' s outer zone.

Promising more security measures in these areas, DCP Vikramjit Singh said, "We are deploying more pickets and policemen in the affected areas. We have also asked patrolling staff to coordinate with the traffic police and immediately stop bikers not wearing helmets and driving rashly".

Recently, reports said that crime rate was gone down in Delhi.

According to data available with Delhi Police, the city witnessed 621 rapes till April 30 this year, which was marginally less than last year's figure of 640 during the first four months.

When it comes to murders, which is considered the yardstick of crime in a city, police registered 165 cases under section 302 IPC in this period this year as against 184 in the corresponding period.

However, cases of molestation of women continued to rise from 1,255 in the first four months of last year to 1,474 in corresponding period this year.

"After the December 16, 2012 incident, the society was forced to think in this direction and steps were taken. Women got a new self confidence as law was changed; police was sensitized. This caused a spurt of 300 to 400 per cent rise in crimes against women in 2013. The trend continued in 2014 although it was not that steep," Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi had said.

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