Another shocker! Shashi Tharoor roughed up Sunanda a day before her death, says Subramanian Swamy

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Shashi Tharoor roughed up Sunanda Pushkar a day before her death
New Delhi, Oct 11: The senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Saturday alleged that a day before Sunanda Tharoor's death, the Congress MP Shashi Tharoor treated his wife violently.

Swamy took to Twitter to accuse Tharoor and said, "On the day before her death Tharoor roughed up Sunanda for threatening to expose the highly placed in all the scandals that she witnessed."

Swamy on had earlier said on Friday that in this case, a CBI investigation is inevitable.

"This is something that has vindicated my position and I have been saying this from day one. There are many indications that now prove that Delhi police did not provide the documents to the autopsy committee which proves that they are under some pressure," Swamy told ANI.

"The autopsy also establishes that there was a deep thump mark on her body, like somebody tried to open her mouth. Most of all, there are disturbances in Shashi Tharoor's statement. He also was caught sending emails to the director. We don't have any other option but to order a CBI investigation on this case," he said.

"The Delhi police are a one dimensional police force. This case has international ramifications. The kind of poison which has been found cannot be investigated by Delhi police. This is a Russian poison which is very difficult to detect and the Delhi police is not trained for this," he added.

A panel of doctors from All India Medical Institute of Science (AIIMS) in Delhi submitted a fresh report to police on the mysterious death of Sunanda, wife of former Union minister Shashi Tharoor, maintaining that she died of poisoning.

This is the second autopsy report in the Sunanada Pushkar case. Earlier, AIIMS Head of the Forensic Department had claimed that he was pressurised to tamper with the post-mortem report of Pushkar.

Sunanda was found dead in a 5-star hotel in South Delhi on the night of January 17, a day after her Twitter spat with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar over an alleged affair with Tharoor. The probe into the case was handed over to the Crime Branch on January 23. However, the case was transferred back to the South District police two days later on Jan 25.

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