Shashi Tharoor admitted to 'Marital Trouble': Sources

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New Delhi, Jan 20: While parts of the Sunanda Pushkar murder story are getting tangled in a big way, there are certain knots that the police may finally have opened.

After gruelling her politician-husband Shashi Tharoor for four hours, inside sources say that he admitted to having a marital dischord. The sources further reveal that Tharoor was calm throughout the interrogation and that he was asked over 50 questions-one of them being what had happened between the two of them in the days before her death.

Shashi Tharoor

Unlike his statements, just after his wife was found dead a year ago, when Shashi had said that there were some misunderstandings between the two, Tharoor came out in the open saying that they did have major differences. But they had a happy married life, largely.

Mr Tharoor had expressed his shock when the police revealed that Sunanda was murdered with poison. A murder inquiry was launched, but no names were taken. Just two days before her death, she had raised an objection over the growing closeness of Tahroor and Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar.

Last week, at a press conference at an ayurvedic clinic in Kerala where he spent two weeks recuperating from back pain. Ensuring of continuing cooperation, Tharoor said that the " the investigation must be "free of political pressure or a predetermined outcome."

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