#SelfieWithDaughter: Sanskari babuji Alok Nath 'forgets' his sanskar for Kavita Krishnan

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Mumbai, June 29: Indian television's most sanskaari babuji and veteran actor Alok Nath on Monday, June 29, posted a selfie with his daughter, a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to post pics with their daughters on the social networking sites.

Meanwhile, women's rights activist Kavita Krishan accused PM of stalking daughters and posted on Twitter, "Careful before sharing #SelfieWithDaughter with #LameDuckPM. He has a record of stalking daughters."

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Her nasty tweet went viral and Krishnan got trolled on Twitter by PM Modi's supporters. [Activist Kavita Krishnan trolled on Twitter for anti #SelfieWithDaughter Remarks]

Even 58-year-old Alok Nath could not resist himself from lashing out at Krishnan, in the most abusive way.

Nath retweeted one of the tweets, posted by @Ra_Bies, that said, "This tweet no doubt suck like her. But to get entertained, do read mentions & replies under the tweet."

Then, he tweeted, "@Ra_Bies @kavita_krishnan jail the bitch."

However, the seasoned actor, quickly, deleted the explosive tweet, may be considering his soft public image.

Then, he posted his pic along with his daughter. He captioned the pic as, "#SelfieWithDaughter ye jo teri muskaan hai na bitiya ye mera garv hai. Your happiness is my pride." [Modi Mania grips the world: Twitter flooded with #SelfieWithDaughter pics]

Amidst the controversy, Twitteratti had a great day while creating funny memes on Nath. Here are a few tweets:

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