Sedition against JNU students justified: Justice Santosh Hegde

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Bengaluru, Feb 24: Former Solicitor General of India Justice Santosh Hegde, perhaps strongly pats the back of the Delhi police for invoking colonial era law sedition against students from elite campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi.

In a telephonic conversation with OneIndia Justice Hegde hit out at the JNU incident where alleged anti-India slogans were raised, saying "there are limits to everything."

Santosh Hegde

Hegde elicited the debate of tolerance and claimed there is a degree for tolerance too. "What about anti-India sloganeering being heard from the campus, can the state tolerate this?" seemingly angry former Lokayukta of Karnataka asked.

The slogan- "Kashmiri ki azzadi tak jung landenge (Fight till Kashmir will be free), Bharath ke tukude tukude kardenge( we will break India into pieces)," Hegde quoting said if this is not anti-national which is?

Hegde opined that government is tough in its stand on such elements and action taken by the Delhi police that falls under the Union Home Ministry has done the right thing by invoking sedition in order to initiate strict action against anti-national elements and it is justified.

When asked about the news doing the rounds about videos being doctored, he said it is a different issue and law will take its own course.

"Many intellectuals those descended to JNU, following the incident snowballed into a major row, has expressed solidarity with the students citing videos were being doctored. It is a different issue and law will take its own course."

Hegde reiterating Narendra Modi lead Union Government has done proper thing, added that earlier there were anti-India slogans raised only in Jammu and Kashmir but now when it has reached to the mainland the action is impending.

While many argue that colonial era sedition law has to be scrapped, Hegde batted for its existence. "Sedition law is relevant even in this time to curb talks against the country," he viewed.

Hegde said he does not believe in the previous judgement of the Supreme Court that says mere talk is not sedition and should be followed by actions, something contrary to law.

"I don't believe in that judgement. Sedition means propagating some views which are against the nation. As long as the judgement of the Supreme Court is there, I am bound to say its the law of the day today. I am one of those persons who would say that the judgement should be changed," Hegde said.

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