Saradha: Why did Sen buy Suvaprasanna's channel

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Kolkata, Feb 4: The deal between Devikripa Vyapar and Saradha is being extensively investigated by both the Enforcement Directorate and the Central Bureau of Investigation. Devikripa Vyapar a company that belonged to Suvaprasanna, the famous painter from West Bengal had entered into a deal with the Saradha group and this has been on the lens of the CBI and the ED.

Saradha, Sen and Suvaprasanna's channel

Details are tumbling out:

The CBI says that there are a lot of discrepancies that they have found in this deal. Plenty of details are coming out and we are also coordinating with the Enforcement Directorate on this matter.

During the questioning of Rajesh Goenka, Suvaprasanna's account the CBI has managed to unearth several details pertaining to this deal. A deal had been struck between the Devikripa Vyapar and Sudipta Sen in 2011.

Devikripa Vyapar was the holding company of Ankhon Samay a channel which was yet to take off. Before it was even launched it was sold to Sen at Rs 6.5 crore, the CBI and the ED had learnt.

Why was Sen chosen?

The CBI during its questioning of Goenka asked as to why this deal was struck between Suvaprasanna and Sen. There was another buyer in line for this channel, but why was Sen given the preference, the CBI asked Goenka.

Apart from this the CBI also asked Goenka about the amount that the deal was struck for. Moreover how did they conclude that Rs 6.5 crore would be the final signing amount was also posed before Goenka.

No preference given to Sen:

According to the questioning in connection with this particular case, the CBI was told that there was no preference that was given to Sen. It was Sen who had infact approached Suvaprasanna with an offer and since it appeared lucrative the deal was struck.

Suvaprasanna was part of the cultural coterie of the TMC and known to be close to the top leadership. Sen had deliberately become close and struck deals with people either close to or in the government. This was done to ensure that his scam would not be busted as it was felt that he enjoyed the support of the leadership.

ED case on Suvaprasanna:

The ED has found that a company called Devikripa was started by Suvaprasanna, his wife and 12 investors. An amount of Rs 3 crore had been pumped in to start this company out of which Rs 50 lakh was put in by Suvaprasanna and his wife.

The CBI is also probing to find out if Sen himself had approached Suvaprasanna or had some TMC leaders recommended the same. The CBI feel that some TMC leaders had recommended Sen to several such companies and top leaders.

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