Saradha scam: Home secy told to resign

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Kolkata, Feb 4:‎ Home secretary Anil Gowswami has been told to resign from his post after it was found he had interfered with the Saradha probe.

The CBI had complained to the Prime Minister's office and the Home Ministry that he had tried to stall the arrest of Congress leader, Matang Sinh in connection with the Saradha case.


Earlier the PMO had summoned Gowswami and asked him for an explanation. The PMO quoted to him the CBI complaint. The CBI had said that while it was questioning Sinh in connection with the Saradha case, Gowswami called an officer and told him not to carry out an arrest.

Top Home Ministry official tried to stall Matang Sinh's arrest:
Allegations of a senior official in the Home Ministry trying to prevent the arrest of Congress leader Matang Sinh have surfaced.

The Home Ministry has learnt that a senior officer in the Home Ministry had told the CBI to avoid arresting Sinh in connection with the Saradha scam.

The CBI has reported the name of the senior official to the Prime Minister's office which directed that action be taken after seeking an explanation.

Sinh had been questioned for five hours before being arrested by the CBI in connection with the Saradha scam.

Effort to stall arrest:

The CBI has complained that an attempt to stall the arrest of Sinh had been made by a top level home ministry official.

The attempt to stall the arrest was made when the CBI was questioning Sinh in Kolkata for five hours and an arrest had become mandatory.

Sinh during his questioning had revealed several names connected to the scam. He had taken the names of politicians and bureaucrats who he was close to.

The CBI believes that Sinh had used his clout in New Delhi to avoid an arrest.

The call to the CBI was made by the top home ministry official telling them not to arrest Sinh.

The CBI says that Sinh is close to this official and could have tried using his clout.

When the CBI was asked whether the official in question was Anil Gowswami, the officer refused to comment or divulge any further details stating that the matter is under probe.

The case against Sinh

During the raids that were conducted at Sinh's residence last year several documents were seized. It was found that was a transaction of 2010 between Sudipta Sen and Matang Sinh.

However Sinh who was also questioned by the Enforcement Directorate Had told them he never went ahead with the deal. He had infact cancelled it and Sen owed him money.

Sen had in his letter spoken in length about the deal. However Sinh had then claimed that Sen was adding names without any reason as he wanted to drag in the big names.

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