Saradha probe: Selective amnesia hits Madan Mitra

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Kolkata, Dec 15: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is confident that it will get Madan Mitra to speak up as it probes the Saradha scam. He currently is playing it hard and none of his replies have been satisfying a CBI official told oneindia.

Madan Mitra who is being questioned by the best minds in the CBI since Friday is acting like a stuck record. Leave alone speaking about Sudipto Sen, he clearly states that he does not even know him, despite proof being thrown in front of him, the CBI officer informed.


Did Sudipta Sen pay for TMC rallies?

One of the primary questions that Madan Mitra faced was whether the TMC had got funding from Sudipto Sen for their rallies. Major political rallies which required a lot of money were allegedly sponsored by Sen and Mitra is said to have acted like a middle man. However Mitra takes his own sweet time in answering these questions and finally when he does, he says that he has no idea.

According to the CBI Mitra is alleged to have met with Sen several times at the Midland Park office where Sen operated from. It is only after we gathered all the information about these meetings did we decide to confront Sen with the questions. We also asked him about the several meetings that other leaders from the TMC had with Sen, but Mitra has been extremely protective about his colleagues, the officer also informed.

Madan Mitra's associates:

The CBI says that five very crucial persons who have told us about Mitra's links to the Saradha scam. The first to take his name was Kunal Ghosh who also accused him of trying to cover up the case.

Sudipto Sen's closest aide Debjani Mukherjee confirmed to the CBI that Mitra had infact met with Sen several times. It was also revealed by the rest like Bapi Karim and Ajitesh Bhattacharya that there were more than 5 meetings at the Midland Park office. Moreover even the trail of the finances show that money had changed hands several times and it was leading up to the funding of some of the TMC activities.

Selective amnesia:

For the CBI officers, he has been the hardest nut to crack so far in this case. He is extremely demanding and in the midst of the questions tells us that he feels sleepy. In fact we have let him take all the rest he wants. At first he denied everything that we asked him. On Friday he kept saying that there is no case against him. After that when the same set of questions were posed to him, he said that he does not remember anything.

This is a great tactic on part of any accused. First deny everything and then change the course and say I do not remember, the CBI says.

Linked since 2009:

The Sen-Mitra links started to emerge since the year 2009 according to the CBI. It was allegedly with the blessings of Mitra that Sen was able to run his Saradha Gardens venture in Bishnupur the same place where Mitra was elected as MLA.

The association between the two strengthened further when Mitra was the sports minister. Mitra was accused of doling out favours to Sen during this time. Moreover there are trails to suggest that some money had even reached the bank accounts of Mitra and this is something that the CBI is ascertaining with the help of the banks.

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