Saradha- Mitra abused, CBI upset with jail security

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Kolkata, Feb 3:T he Central Bureau of Investigation probing the Saradha scam has taken note of an incident that took place in the Alipore jail of West Bengal where some inmates abused Madan Mitra with Saradha jibes. A CBI official informed oneindia that they are aware of this incident but it is up to the jail authorities who are under the state government to ensure that adequate security is given to the inmates.

The Saradha scam has netted some very high profile personalities and many of them are lodged in the jails in West Bengal. It is for the jail authorities to ensure that proper care is taken and adequate security is provided, the official of the CBI also informed.

Saradha- Jail security quizzed

The altercation:

In a complaint that has been filed with the jail officials, Madan Mitra has alleged that a group of inmates had spotted him moving around the jail and hurled abuses at him.

He said that he was walking around in the morning yesterday with other inmates when he was seen by a bunch of other men who hurled abuses at him. Most of the abuses were relating to the Saradha incident.

When this abuses were hurled, those inmates with Mitra took offence and protested. This resulted in an ugly incident with both groups coming to blows.

The incident that took place at 6.45 AM on Monday at the Ward 6 of the Alipore jail is being looked into by the jail authorities. They will conduct an inquiry and then decide if the matter is to be referred to the police or not.

Mitra has a choice of being alone:

Madan Mitra is a Division 1 prisoner. This entitles him to some benefits and one of them is that he can stay alone and does not have to be with the rest of the inmates. A Division 1 prisoner status is accorded normally to ministers, MLAs or MPs.

Mitra had however told the jail authorities that he does not like being alone. There were 8 inmates chosen from the jail who could be alongside Madan Mitra. However caution was exercised while choosing the inmates and each one of them is a TMC sympathsier or supporter.

Enhanced security needed:

The CBI has been emphasizing on the need to provide better security to prisoners lodged under the Saradha scam. It appears as though the authorities have learnt nothing from the Kunal Ghosh incident, the CBI officer says.

Kunal Ghosh had attempted suicide in jail. Although a probe was launched nothing concrete has emerged. No one still knows how he got access to so many tablets that he consumed while attempting suicide.

These are high profile prisoners and the stakes are very high both monetarily and politically in the Saradha case. There is a danger to their lives and hence it becomes all the more important to ensure better security the officer also pointed out.

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