Sant Rampal: Once a junior engineer, now owns 12-Acre Ashram, BMWs, Mercs

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Hisar, Nov 20: He started his career as a junior engineer with the Haryana irigation department in 2000, but was sacked. And within just 14 years, he had a huge fan following, 12 acres ashram and coupld of BMWs and Mercedes Benzes.

Tainted godman-Sant Rampal's story is probably the story of any 'saint' in India. Owner of a cult worth Rs 100 crores, he known by the name of Sarguru Rampal Ji Maharaj.


Certainly, this guru is no pauper. His sprawling 12 acre ashram in Barwala, Haryana has air-conditioned rooms for important followers and even lecture halls equipped with LED screens.

He is said to have his own property in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and also in Delhi, apart from ashrams in Rohtak and another under-construction ashram in Barwala.

Born in a farmer family in Haryana's Sonepat, Rampal Dass got a diploma in engineering and was appointed a junior engineer till the age of 48, when he was removed for "carelessness".

Jailed on murder charges, he was given bail earlier. Recently, he hit the headlines as he used human shields to protect himself from police. He is also alleged to have forcefully detained his followers for self defence. Five women and an infant are said to have died inside his campus during a clash between the police and his followers.

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