2002 Riot: Now, Narendra Modi finds support in Salman Khan's father

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Narendra Modi
Mumbai, March 25: Months after his son Salman Khan's much-hyped meeting with Narendra Modi, well-know writer-producer Salim Khan defended the Gujarat Chief Minister while speaking about 2002 riot in the state.

Writing an introductory piece in a book written by activist Madhu Kishwar, Salim Khan accused Indian media of creating the "anti-Muslim" image for the prime ministerial candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The book, Modi, Muslims and Media, has been released recently in the country. A review of the book says, most part of the book highlights how under Modi's regime Gujarat, in a first, had a decade free of riots. It also claims that Modi took several "swift and unbiased" actions to control the 2002 riots.

There were riots before Narendra Modi came to power: Salim Khan

The introductory part written by Salim Khan says, "One wonders why we were misled into believing that Modi's agenda was to convert Gujarat into a laboratory for devising ways to crush Muslims when the evidence put together by Kishwar clearly shows that, from the very start of his tenure, Modi prioritized an inclusive development agenda, a prime example of which was his plan for the reconstruction of Kutch after the devastating earthquake."

"Riots have always been part of our country's past and present. There were riots before Modi came to power, there were riots in other parts of the country even after him. Who is responsible for the recent riots in Muzzaffarnagar? We have to accept the unfortunate fact that most Indians, be it Hindus or Muslims, are communal by nature and that leads to riots,' added the senior Khan.

However, while clarifying his stand on Modi and communalism, Salim Khan said, "I am not defending corruption, but I feel the biggest issue is that of communalism. If we could overcome it in real terms, it would be the greatest achievement for us."

It seems that both father-son duo shares similar opinion about Modi and his alleged involvement in 2002 riot. The Bollywood actor Salman Khan, during his meeting with Modi in Ahmedabad, had said Modi should not apologise for the communal violence since the judiciary has already exonerated him.

The actor, who played it safe in Ahmedabad when asked about his preference as the future prime minister of India, stuck to his position during the interview. When asked about endorsing Modi, Khan said he is not in favour of letting his view influence his fans' judgment.

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