Hit-and-Run case: Driver comes to rescue but lawyer's 4 questions corner Salman Khan, yet again

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Mumbai, April 2: Salman Khan's driver Ashok Singh came to his rescue but Special public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat cornered the Bollywood actor once again in the infamous 2002 hit-and-run case.

According to Salman's driver, he was driving the car on Sept 28, 2002. [Hit-And-Run and Surprising Twist: Here's what Salman Khan's driver said in court]

Salman Khan

Singh, while taking questions from the lawyer of the prosecution, said, "I was driving the SUV at the speed of 20-30 kmph when the tyre burst and the brake jammed. The car went over the steps. I saw that people were trapped beneath."

"I got out of the right side and Salman too got out of the right side as the left door was jammed," said Singh who also claimed that he along with Salman had tried to lift the car after it had hit the pavement. [Salman Khan's driver a dummy witness in 2002 Hit-And-Run case; court urged to reject his claim]

Now, here are public prosecutor's 4 questions which cornered Salman in court once again:

  1. Why did Ashok Singh not come earlier and said that he was driving the car?
  2. Why did the defence lawyer never mention anything about the driver in last 13 years?
  3. Is the Land Cruiser a type of vehicle that if driven with care and control will still go out of control?
  4. If 20-30 kmph was the speed, how did the car climb the pavement and get completely damaged?

Charges against Salman Khan:

The actor is charged with ramming his car into a bakery in suburban Bandra on Sept 28, 2002, killing one person and injuring four who were sleeping on the pavement. He was drunk at the time, according to the police. Charge of culpable homicide too was invoked against Salman in 2013.

This is a fresh trial being held in a sessions court after a Magistrate added the charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder which lays down punishment up to ten years.

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