Delhi poll debacle was imminent to bring Modi, Shah close to reality, says RSS

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New Delhi, Feb 11: After BJP's rout in Delhi Assembly elections it is not only Shiv Sena who is slamming the party but even party's parent organisation, RSS, is seeing the party's debacle as a jolt for the Saffron party.

As per reports, the RSS has said that this historic win of Kejriwal is a reply to the "two men" who control the Saffron brigade.

RSS feels Delhi poll debacle was imminent to bring Modi, Shah close to reality.
As per a TOI report, "A segment in Keshav Kunj, the Sangh headquarters, believes that the poll outcome should serve as a timely lesson to BJP, and that they should now think of restoring internal democracy. The party is aiming to become the world's largest by enrolling 10 crore members. But there's a perception that only two men, PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, control it. Senior RSS ideologue MG Vaidya said the AAP won because of an anti-BJP wave and not an anti-Modi wave."

Not only RSS even Shiv Sena added insult to BJP's injury after its humiliation in Delhi polls, saying the "broom-wielding" AAP reduced it to "dirt" and virtually demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi accept the blame for it.

"The BJP, which won a resounding majority in the Lok Sabha elections has been turned into 'dirt' by the 'broom- wielding' Aam Aadmi Party. BJP leaders do not even need fingers to count the number of seats they won. Putting the blame of defeat on Kiran Bedi isn't right," Sena said in a scalding editorial in its mouthpiece 'Saamana'.

Turning a deaf ear to remonstrations by some in the BJP for blaming Modi for the debacle, the editorial said the party should make it clear who would own up to the blame. "The entire election campaign was run in the name of Modi.

Anna Hazare said this is Modi's defeat. We too feel the same. The way the party attributed its success in other states to Modi, they should do the same for Delhi," Sena said. BJP has been steadfast in defending Modi against criticism for the defeat, insisting the Delhi assembly poll was not a referendum on him.

Targeting BJP leaders including Modi for their "negative" election campaign, the Sena said, "Along with Modi, all BJP leaders mocked at (Congress Vice-President) Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal in their speeches.

Ultimately, the BJP had to bear the consequences of this negative campaign." "Are the Delhi results a start of a new era in politics? Why did people desert the BJP? Unemployment rate has not gone down, inflation is persistent, homeless haven't got homes and poll promises haven't been fulfilled," the editorial said.

"Elections are not merely won on the back of speeches and poll promises. This election has brought to the fore unrest within the party. Amit Shah failed to cast his magic on people and using Modi as the final weapon too failed to yield results," it said.

The editorial came on the heels of BJP's angry protest over Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray's jibe against Modi following the saffron party's abject defeat in which he said the "tsunami" in Delhi had proved mightier than the "Modi wave".

It seems after the poll drubbing in delhi elections all the friends and foes of BJP are coming together to criticise the Modi government.

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