Pachauri told me 'he could lift heavy women easily,' claims second victim

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New Delhi, Feb 11: Even as RK Pachauri finds himself embroiled in another sexual harassment case, more and more details about his misconduct at TERI are coming out.

Pachauri, on the other hand, has gone on leave and won't be handing over degrees to TERI University students at the upcoming convocation. On Thursday, the Delhi HC reserved its order on the complainant's seeking cancellation of anticipatory bail granted to RK Pachauri.

Pachauri kissed me on my face: victim

After another former TERI employee accused Pachauri of sexual harassment in February last year (Another former TERI employee accuses RK Pachauri of sexual harassment), details of the victim's scary experiences with Pachauri have now come to light.

In an open letter she gives details on how Pachauri boasted of his physical health repeatedly and tried his best to be alone with her on many occasions.

"Soon after I joined TERI and began interacting with Mr RK Pachauri, he had renamed me with a sexually suggestive nickname "****". He said that this was a derivative of my official name and suited me far better.

I recall that he said things like '****' is sweet, and also how attractive flowers attract bees etc. He was clearly making sexually loaded remarks. These comments were completely unwelcome and made me feel very uncomfortable," she writes.

The victim goes on to write how Pachauri told her once that 'he could lift heavy women easily.' "On one occasion, when he had called me to his sixth floor office room to discuss work, he told me that he could lift hefty and heavy women, and so lifting me would not be a problem for him. I found his boasting extremely disrespectful towards women working at TERI.

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At another time, he talked about how physically fit he was, how he played cricket with young men, how he could walk up the steps of TERI's six floor building etc. It was clear that by stating all this he was communicating to me, that despite his age he was physically strong and virile," she says.

He made constant attempts to meet me socially outside the office: victim

On one occasion when the victim didn't report to work due to ill health, Pachauri called her on her mobile number and asked her about her absence to which the victim said that she was suffering from migraine. "Hum bahut achhi champi kartein hain...aap chahein to kar sakte hain " (I give very good head massage...if you want I can give you a massage).

It had become evident to me that the man, as old as my father, was looking for opportunities to be alone with me and make physical contact. This made me feel very disgusted. I remember sharing this incident with a colleague," she says.

"On several occasions Mr RK Pachauri would ask me intrusive questions about my personal life, about when my husband was going to be out of town, and how I spent my weekends. He would pass comments about the clothes I was wearing, asking me whether my husband gave me a particular dress etc. He made constant attempts to meet me socially outside the office," she says.

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She also claimed that on another occasion he assaulted her when she was in his office room because Pachauri had asked her to see him.

"He completely against my wishes forcibly held and kissed me on my face just as I was leaving the room. I was shocked and very upset and left his office immediately," she said.

The victim also writes how Pachauri had been working on a novel and wanted her to read and make suggestions before he handed it to the publisher.

"When I thumbed through the manuscript, I came across graphic descriptions of sex. I was horrified and angry that he gave something of this nature to a young female employee who was younger than his children. I did notice that the main character of this novel was a scientist. It was much later, after I had quit TERI, that the novel "Return to Almora" got published. I did not read the novel but the reviews spoke of a "steamy" story, reminding me of the anguish I had experienced while I was working at TERI," she writes.

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