Rita Bahuguna is Modi's fan today: Here is what she said about him, BJP in past

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New Delhi, Oct 20: Senior Congress leader Rita Bahuguna on Thursday joined BJP. While speaking on the occasion, she praised Modi government for teaching Pakistan a lesson.

A former UPCC president who resigned as a Congress MLA today, said there is no alternative to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP.

What Rita said about Modi in past

Heaped praise on PM Modi

Slamming Rahul for his 'dalali' barb at Modi over the surgical strikes, Joshi said she has been disheartened by the events which happened in the last few days.

 "India is fighting terrorism and the Modi government has given the army a free hand. Besides valour of the army, the government's strong leadership was also behind the surgical strikes. "Along with the nation, I too was happy. The whole world accepted India's arguments behind the strikes.

Congress, however, behaved like a small party and went on to question it. The whole nation was upset with a phrase like 'khoon like dalali'," she said attacking Gandhi. His remarks gave Pakistan an opportunity to question surgical strikes, she said, adding that political differences over national interest were not good.

Bahuguna is the same leader who used to hate BJP. She has been very critical of BJP. In past, she had launched scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Here are some of the quotes of Bahuguna.

August, 2016

Bahuguna slammed Modi for not doing enough for people of Varanasi, who voted for him in 2014 Lok Sabha election.

She was quoted as saying, "People are upset with Modi ji's two-and-a-half years of regime. He has not spent even 10 days here. Roads and drains are bad, Swacch Bharat has totally failed in Varanasi. People of Varanasi feeling cheated".

Oct, 2015

Former Congress leader also criticised Modi government for washing its hands off dadri incident.

"It is the double speak of the party. This is a Fascist ideology, supported by the BJP and Narendra Modi. He is carrying forward the agenda of RSS. The political agenda of the RSS is to divide the nation and to remain in power and to seek power and I think he is badly exposed", Bahuguna was quoted.

May, 2015
Bahuguna took Modi to task for making tall claims with 'achhe din' slogan
"They are making announcements like it is a T-20 cricket match, but nothing has been done on the implementation front", She said.

May, 2014

During Lok sabha polls, she also hit out at Modi for snooping controversy in Gujarat.

"There is enough material on record to suggest the former Gujarat Chief Minister(Modi) was taking so much of interest in a woman and tracking all her movements and tapping her telephonic conversations".

On Congress' scathing criticism of Modi for having concealed his marital status for long, Joshi said "that was not indefensible. Here we have a person who is aspiring to be the Prime Minister of the country and he did not even have the courage to accept that he had a wife".

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