Revenge the motive behind Chemistry paper leak in Karnataka?

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Bengaluru, Apr 1: The scenes outside the Pre-University Board yesterday was heart rendering with 1,000s of students staging a protest after the Chemistry paper was leaked.

The re-examination date has been fixed for April 12 now and this is the second postponement in ten days.

Kar: Revenge behind Chem paper leak

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has decided to get to the bottom of this issue and officers point towards revenge as a motive behind the leak.

"Yes we are probing that angle seriously as there is more than what meets the eye," an officer was quoted as saying by OneIndia.

What triggered off the leak?

In the past when question papers had been leaked, the CID had found the hand of the tuition mafia to be behind the incident. A chargesheet had been filed and 11 persons arrested for their alleged links with officials in the board through which they got access to the question papers. All of them are out on bail.

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However in the instant case, the CID is probing a revenge angle.

The problem began when a young and enthusiastic Pallavi Akruthi, the director of the PU board, Bengaluru decided to clean up the mess in the board.

She had found several irregularities and recommended for suspension many officials. She submitted the same to the government in a confidential report.

However more often than not, confidential files do not remain confidential. The names of some of the officials had leaked. These officials were upset with the director and felt that they needed to embarrass her. The first leak of the Chemistry paper was orchestrated ten days back.

After a hue and cry, a new date was fixed for the examination, but had to be cancelled due to another leak.

CID officials feel that this is the primary reason for the leak. It could have been revenge in a bid to embarrass both the director or the government.

Where did the papers leak from:

The CID is probing the exact place from where the paper could have leaked. It could have come out through some official of the board in Bengaluru or from the treasury in Tumkur. We are probing both the possibilities the officer also informed.

The CID has a list of suspects and is analysing the cell phone details. They are also scrutinising the messages sent from the phones while also trying to find out if the paper had reached the hands of someone who gives tuitions. Everything is being probed and we will get to the bottom of it soon, the officer also said.

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