Revealed: What the Hurriyat told Pakistan PM in confidential note?

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New Delhi, Sept 3: On Wednesday the Hurriyat Conference wrote a letter to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharrif and marked it confidential. Although the contents of the letter was not made public, sources now tell OneIndia that they thanked the Pakistan PM for the stance he had taken on the Kashmir issue.

The letter was written out of gratitude to the Pakistan PM who did not relent on his stance on Kashmir which led to the derailing of the NSA level talks between India and Paksitan.

Did the Hurriyat thank Nawaz Sharif?

A word of thanks

The Hurriyat Conference had become the bone of contention during the recently cancelled Indo-Pak, NSA level talks. While Paksitan insisted talks would be held only if their NSA, Sarataj Aziz was allowed to meet with the Hurriyat leaders, India differed on this.

India had maintained that no talks on Kashmir will be allowed and the NSA level meet would focus only on terror. With both sides sticking their stand, the talks were cancelled.

The Hurriyat in its confidential letter told the Pakistan Prime Minister that they are extremely grateful that the Kashmir bogey was raised. They said that the hardline stance taken by Pakistan on the Kashmir was much appreciated. They also sought continued cooperation from Pakistan on this issue.

Confidential letter

A three member delegation of the Huriyat met Pakistani envoy Abdul Basit on Tuesday and handed over a letter to be handed over to the Pakistan Prime Minister.

In a statement that was later issued, the Hurriyat said, " we have handed over the letter for Nawaz Sharrif." The Hurriyat also said that the letter is confidential and highly important. The letter marked "Confidential" was dispatched to the Pakistan Prime Minister on Wednesday.

The gratitude expressed by the Hurriyat came on expected lines. They were initially irked that the Ufa statement issued by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharrif had omitted Kashmir from it. The Hurriyat had complained that there is no specific mention of Kashmir and all Indo-Pak talks must focus on this very important issue.

A joint statement issued by the Kashmir separatists read, that India and Pakistan have a collective responsibility to ensure peace and promote development. To do so, they are prepared to discuss all outstanding issues"

Syed Ali Shah Geelani who was also invited to meet the Paksitan NSA had said after the Ufa statement that the stand of Pakistan is inconsistent and wavering.

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