Revealed: What tech-savvy PM Narendra Modi does every morning

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New Delhi, March 17: Many people in the country may know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a tech-savvy person but many might not be aware of his obsession with technology and gadgets.

Now, a new book -- The Modi Effect: Inside Narendra Modi's Campaign to Transform India, written by British journalist and author Lance Price, revealed the prime minister's love for gadgets and technology.

Narendra Modi

The writer quoted Modi as saying, "I am up daily by 5 am and I do not need any time to settle before I am online checking my messages."

"It's a mechanical process to reach out for my iPad within the first four or five minutes that I wake... honestly, I never take breaks and I never really switch off."

Speaking about his daily routine, the PM also added, "I was seen as very tech-savvy from the early days and was the first to use a digital camera in the 1999 elections."

"Another example of my forward thinking relevant to the technology world is my prediction around WhatsApp," said Modi.

Speaking about the popular mobile messaging app, he said, "When WhatsApp had just started, and long before it had become popular, I was telling my people to start using this as a means for communication as it would be a major messaging platform in the days to come."

Modi is very popular on social media. Currently, the PM has 10.7 million followers on Twitter and 28,016,285 likes on Facebook.

Modi is the first Indian prime minister who is always active on social media and always reaches out to the masses using updated technology.

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