Why Rahul Gandhi chose only Arnab Goswami for disastrous interview

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Rahul Gandhi and Arnab Goswami
New Delhi, Feb 3: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi's one face-to-face interview after decade created a new controversy raising a question in the country -- is he really able to handle the responsibilities of a leader like Prime Minister? Meanwhile, a media report revealed why Rahul and his team chose Times Now editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami for his exclusive interview.

A report published by India Today said that a crucial member of Rahul's team convinced his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and others to choose the TV anchor seen the most and perceived to be neutral as well. The report also claimed that there was confusion in choosing the best anchor as the competition was between two top rival TV news channels anchors.

Interview purpose was to throw Rahul Gandhi into the deep end of the pool

The report said that main reason behind conducting the sudden interview was to throw Rahul into the deep end of the pool and show that he does not run away from tough questions and can even take on toughest people.

But it was a complete disaster as he gave vague answers and looked left and right for succor. He came out uncertain of issues and re-introduced the ghosts of 1984 in an age where constituents have limited appeal or recall of the issue, added the report.

As it was reported that Priyanka Gandhi was present in the interview room, the recent report too confirmed the news saying top Congress leaders including senior ministers weren't in the loop.

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