R&AW sponsors terror: Why would Pakistan say this?

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New Delhi, May 8: Pakistan is the one to talk- A day back the media wing of the Pakistan army accused the Research and Analysis Wing of promoting terrorism in Pakistan. This is for the first time that the army in Pakistan has leveled a charge against the R&AW to this effect.

Earlier the charges were only leveled by the political circles or Pakistan or such allegations came from former officials of the ISI or the army. However this time around it is an official statement given by the media wing of the Pakistan army which in itself a first.

Here's why Pak said R&AW sponsors terror

Why would the Pakistan army issue such a statement? There is a large intent behind it and the the transition in Afghanistan is one of the primary reasons for issuing such a statement.

Pakistan wants to position itself as the peace maker:

Although an extremely frail attempt, Pakistan is still trying to be the boss of the region. It wants to come across as goody two shoes in Afghanistan and wants the largest piece of the cake in the affairs of that country.

It is unable to deal with the threat of its Frankenstein Monsters such as the Tehrik-e-Taliban. The Tehrik-e-Taliban or the Pakistan Taliban or the Bad Taliban is beyond the control of Pakistan today. It is threatening to disrupt the good old friends of Pakistan namely the Afghan or Good Taliban and the Al-Qaeda.

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Pakistan hopes to gain control over Afghanistan through its proxies such as the Afghan Taliban and the Al-Qaeda. However the proxies are under threat and the Pakistan army seems to be trying to assert itself by taking a position against India.

Partnering with China:

The very fact that Pakistan has decided to dole out goodies to China in Balochistan is an indicator that it wants the giant nation to be part of its long term plan. Pakistan would want to forge a long term relationship with China in Afghanistan as well.

In such an event it is necessary for Pakistan to posture itself and be seen as the peace maker in Afghanistan. It wants to tell the world that it means business in Afghanistan. With the statement against the R&AW, it means to say that the real defeaters of peace in Afghanistan are the Indians.

With such a statement Pakistan expects some amount of outside support in defeating the Pakistan Taliban. By doing so, it ensures that its proxies are safe and will continue to rule the roost in Afghanistan.

A message to the Afghan president:

The statement against the R&AW is also a message to the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani. Although Ghani is being seen as an ally of Pakistan, the latter still feels that in the long run India may try and cozy up. India has been making all efforts to strengthen ties with Afghanistan and this is not going down too well with Pakistan.

Such a statement is aimed to send a message across to Ghani that the real problem in Afghanistan is being sponsored by India. This Pakistan expects would keep Ghani away from having any ties with India and will join the battle against those fighting against either the Al-Qaeda or the Afghan Taliban which are Pakistan's proxies.

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