Railways impose restriction on online booking of tickets

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Bengaluru, Mar 24: Booking railway tickets online is a frustrating process that most of us have faced, especially during early hours.

Relax, the Ministry of Railways has restricted the number of tickets that can be booked through its e-ticketing platform per user login session.


The decision would restrict touts from cornering tickets through single user logging facility.

Govt has unleashed crackdown on train touts after it found that an internal investigation found that every day, 4,000 confirmed berths would be hoarded by touts within one minute of the computer reservation system being thrown open to public.

Touts' Modus operandi:

The touts would buy tickets for relatively less popular trains a day earlier, and then swap them for tickets on popular trains, such as Rajdhanis, Durontos, between 8 am and 8.01 am.

This process helps them to get confirmed tickets within one minute since their booking details were already updated in the software.

The investigation launched by Ministry has found that booking clerks and other insiders were involved in the racket.

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