Rahul's emotive pitch reflects Cong's frustration, says BJP

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Venkaiah Naidu lashes at Rahul Gandhi
Hyderabad, Oct 24:  Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi's comments that he may be killed like his father and grandmother and his attack on BJP are only a reflection of the ruling party's "despair and frustration", senior BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu said here on Thursday.

"Congress vice president's speech yesterday at Churu is a reflection of the party's despair and frustration. They are not able to digest the growing popularity of Narendra Modi. So, they are trying to spread misinformation," Naidu told reporters here.

This is an attempt to gain sympathy by talking about past issues. These things show that they have no answer to the challenges before the country, he said. "It also shows that they have no explanation to their failures and that they lack the ability to take on the development agenda being put forward by NDA, BJP and Narendra Modi. Above all, they lack a strong and dynamic leadership. They are trying to gain sympathy by saying that Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were killed," he said.

Rahul on Wednesday accused BJP of instigating politics of anger and hate for political gains and went emotional to say that one day he too may be killed like his grandmother and father but he is not "bothered".

Naidu: Congress has given birth to divisive, sectarian tendencies

"The basic question is who created this atmosphere, which has given birth and growth to divisive, sectarian and fissiparous tendencies thereby giving rise to terrorists and extremist elements? Undoubtedly, it is the Congress and the Congress alone," Naidu said.

He accused Congress of adopting soft approach towards anti-national forces and promoting Bindranwale to weaken Akalis. "Who allied with Muslim League? Who are friends with Owaisi and Shahabuddin? Who promoted communal politics? Is it not Congress? Who sent IPKF to Sri Lanka and is responsible for the death of our soldiers? the BJP leader asked.

Venkaiah alleged that policies of Congress were solely responsible for "growth of terrorism and separatism."


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