Rahul Gandhi's eye colour: What did the police really want?

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A visit by the cops seeking details about Rahul Gandhi's appearance has not gone down too well with the Congress. A police team visited the Congress office and reportedly sought details about Rahul Gandhi's hair and eye colour apart from other appearance details [Delhi Police asks 'what does Rahul Gandhi look like'; angers Congress leaders]

Even as the Congress has decided to take the issue to town, an officer informed OneIndia that this was a routine exercise. It was a security audit that is conducted on every persons living in the Lutyens area, the officer informed.

Delhi Pol ask about Rahul's eye colour

A routine procedure

The officer said that such security audits are conducted routinely. In the case of Rahul Gandhi, it was a security audit that we were conducting. Persons who are living in the Lutyens zone are subject to such audit in the interest of their own security, the officer said.

The officer also went on to add that the permission of his security was sought well in advance for this exercise. Even while the exercise was being undertaken the permission was sought, the officer also informed.

Not a Rahul hunt?

The officer rubbished reports that suggested that the exercise was part of an exercise to target Rahul Gandhi. Such an exercise is done on many persons who have high security.

The officer also said that this was not some mock exercise and the intention was not to insult him. There is data collected on each person who enjoy top security and this is part of a security audit or drill the officer further informed.

Congress takes offence

The Congress has however taken offence to this exercise. They say that this exercise was aimed at mocking their leader. The Congress even claims to have shot a picture of the officer who collected the information.

The party leadership which has decided to protest says that they could have got information about his hair colour and also other appearance details on the internet which has many of his pictures.

The Congress which will take up the issue with Police Commissioner of Delhi, B S Bassi says that such witch hunts and embarrassing tactics must be stopped. All his details are available on the internet.

Moreover if the police claim that this was part of a security audit then why was a similar exercise not undertaken all these years?

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