Rahul Gandhi, an Aam Aadmi, interacts with Haryana farmers: Highlights

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Rahul Gandhi
Ludhiana, Feb 24: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi reached Haryana to meet farmers of the state on Monday, Feb 24. Union Minister Jairam Ramesh, who is believed to be the new mentor of Rahul Gandhi, played the role of an anchor while Rahul interacted with the farmers, the aam aadmi (common man).

Highlights of Rahul Gandhi's speech:

  • BJP divides the people into 'insiders and outsiders'
  • We gave RTI, Bank nationalization, we are trying to empower the common man, will ensure everyone has right to health
  • Every Indian should have a floor for security
  • What I have learnt here from you, I can never learn from bureaucrats
  • Congress doesn't play politics of caste and religion
  • Our next target is to give people the right to health
  • A party's manifesto must echo the voice of the common man
  • There should be a day when we call for a meeting, I should be seeing 50% women
  • We are trying to empower the common man, specially the farmers
  • You will should have an option, your sons should have an option if they want to do farming or not.
  • You will should have the same option that others have through service and manufacturing
  • We want to empower farmers so that they have an option of other occupations as well.
  • Our politics is about giving you an option and not about giving you an order. That is BJP's work.
  • We will ensure dedicated freight corridor and manufacturing corridor for farmers
  • Look at any party, they all talk about corruption. They only give speeches about corruption
  • India is run by Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Everyone gets to vote once in five years
  • Those people who sit in the Vidhan sabha. Who elects them? Who selects them?
  • You will think they are selected by you all. but that is not true
  • About 200-300 people select these representatives. Hooda ji, me: we do that
  • Why don't you people get to be a part of it?
  • Congress doesn't play politics of caste and religion
  • Hindustan main janta ke paas...jaankari aur gyan hain...but System doesn't ask you people. It only tells you
  • You know what is the difference between BJP and us. We approach everyone for an opinion. BJP thinks one man can run the country, they think power should be centralized, but we think power must be given to people

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