Rae Bareli: How Gabriel Garcia influenced Priyanka

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Rae Bareli, April 22: All political rallies are the same, but not this one in Rae Bareli, Congress President Sonia Gandhi's pet constituency. Priyanka Gandhi spoke about politics, but with reference to the renowned deceased American writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Sounding rather philosophical in attacking the opposition, she said,"I feel bad when the opposition makes scathing comments on my family and my husband. But, I do not feel bad because they jibe at us, I feel pity that the truth does not come out."

Drawing reference to Marquez's viral goodbye letter, she hailed the writer's acceptance of mankind and the desire to love and bond further had he been allowed a few more years. [Read full letter]

She said,"His ideas are universal and you are the example. You have accepted my mother despite being an Italian. You have seen the amount of work that my mother has done for you; I do not think I need to tell you to vote for us. I am very sure that you will make the right decision."

"Whatever may the result be, I am happy that we could serve you," she further added.

Somewhat disappointed with the "type of politics" that India fights, she said,"this is not healthy politics, pointing fingers at one another, hurling abuses and demeaning others. That is not politics."

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