Radicalisation in Maharashtra: Development is the antidote

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New Delhi, Oct 6: A recent survey that was conducted by the Union Home Ministry indicated that Maharashtra is one of the top states to be affected by the radicalization by the ISIS.

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The state has now decided to come up with a full fledged problem to counter this problem and as per the details available the agenda would not only be to counsel the youth but also provide development.

Radicalisation: Development is antidote

The Maharashtra government has drawn up a list of under-developed Muslim dominated areas in the entire state and has decided to fund adequately these places. The idea is to develop such places and ensure that the youth are provided for in terms of jobs and opportunities.

Targeting development

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis has been holding meetings with the Home Department of the state. Some of the reasons that have been cited for radicalization of youth is the lack of opportunity and education.

The Maharashtra government has decided that tackling the menace of radicalization needs a two pronged approach. Those attempting to radicalize have targeted both the educated and the un-educated and hence there needs to be two different approaches the state has decided.

For those educated youth who have fallen prey to the menace of radicalization, the state proposes to set up counseling centres in a bid to bring back them to the mainstream. The state also believes that if opportunities are provided then the un-educated youth too will stay in the mainstream.

Doing away with disgruntlement:
It has been noticed that in a large number of cases, youth have leaned towards anti-social activities as they are disgruntled. The state will continue to conduct surveys on the needs of the Muslim youth and ensure that their complaints are addressed.

The youth have complained about lack of opportunity. They have complained about the lack of jobs, proper education and also health care. The government has decided to sanction funds to under-developed areas dominated by Muslims in Maharashtra to address this problem.

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