Question for JNU students: Do you remember these names at all?

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Jagdish Prasad Yadav, Matbar Singh Negi, (Security Assistants of Rajya Sabha Secretariat), Kamlesh Kumari (Constable, CRPF), Nanak Chand and Rampal (Assistant Sub-Inspectors, Delhi Police),Om Prakash, Bijender Singh and Ghanshyam (Head Constables, Delhi Police) and Deshraj (Gardener, CPWD).

Do these names ring a bell? Unlikely since the names that are remembered today are Afzal Guru, Umer Khalid, Kanaihya Kumar, Anirban Bhattacharya etc. [Afzal Guru issue close to my heart, says Umar Khalid]

JNU students

To refresh ones memory the names that were mentioned in the first paragraph were the ones who laid down their lives guarding the Parliament of India on December 13 2001. It is thanks to them that the likes of Afzal Guru were unable to destroy the pillar of democracy.

But then who cares:

For Gautam Negi the son of Matbar Singh Negi and Gagadevi, wife of Nanak Chand watching the JNU event on February 9th where the martyrdom of Afzal Guru was being celebrated was nothing short of a horror show.

It is surprising that these young students come out and sing praises of Afzal Guru who was responsible for the Parliament attack and also the loss of our loved ones. Gangubai asks, why are such events being allowed.

She further states that it appears as though these students are trying to make fun of the sacrifice made by those who died guarding the Parliament. For Gautham there was a closure when Afzal Guru was hanged.

We had almost given up hope as there was so much delay in executing his sentence. However that morning in February 2013 when I woke up to find out that he was hanged, it came as a closure.

He was the one responsible for killing my father and the other brave souls who laid down their lives fighting, Gautham says.

Gautham says that he had hoped with the hanging of Guru all politics relating to the case would come to an end. However that is not the case, there are students raising slogans praising him while none bother to raise similar slogans hailing the sacrifice made by those who died fighting the terrorists.

Gangubai says the whole country is focusing on this Afzal Guru. Does anyone ask what we feel or how we are doing. Instead every year, there are these people who come out and hurt us even more. I wish the government takes strong action againt those who are praising Afzal Guru.

Enough is enough:

C D Sahay, former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing says that he completely disagrees with what happened at the JNU. There is no need for these students in JNU to make a martyr out of him.

They say it is a judicial killing. I do not believe that. He was given a fair trial. This is a country that gave even an Ajmal Kasab a fair trial.

Hence to assume that Afzal Guru was given a raw deal is not right. They do not understand that they are giving India a bad name. The world has now started to question our democratic values. This is all that such events achieve at the end of it.

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