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Bengaluru, Mar 14: The Rangoli Art Center at MG Road, Metro station on the first Sunday (6) of March was intoxicated to the Kannada sprinkled melodious rhythm as Kannada learning enthusiasts volunteered sharp ears to learn the basic spoken Kannada.

A unique forum, named after a 'catch-word' commonly used by non-Kannada mass in Karnataka, 'kannadagottilla.com', organised a basic Kannada learning class at Rangoli Art Center in consortium with Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited. However the forum since its inception, from past one year has been teaching Kannada through WhatsApp. And guess what? It has made to enjoy the dine and wine of Kannada to over 1500 non-Kannadigas.

Team kannadagottilla.com

Kannada Gottilla (Don't know Kannada) was shaped by a former techie and currently working as technical trainer, Anup Maiya along with his elder brother Rakesh Maiya. These passionate Kannada lovers have roped in as many as 18 members (volunteers), all of whom are mostly friends of Anup Maiya and Rakesh. The live class at MG Road, an advanced venture that was took off of on March 6 would continue to function, particularly on first Sunday of every month. 

Thanks to the new venture as learning through live classes would emancipate learners from the barriers of the virtual world. For the conversation or spoken language to come vociferous from the heart, 'one to one' conversation acts as foundation.  Anup Maiya, may be realising this has now created the platform with the support of his friends and the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited.


Maiya speaking to OneIndia said he has enthusiastic team which impart education on Kannada usage in daily life. "We have formulated our own syllabus to teach the language and it is systematic," Maiya says. In WhatsApp virtual teaching also, the forum has its own syllabus to school non-Kannadigas and "we have taught over 1000 people the language."

The motto of the forum is to stop non-Kannadigas from saying Kannada Gottilla and start conversing in Kannada. Maiya says the teaching of the language is also in view of facilitate outsiders to ease daily life in Karnataka, mainly in capital city, Bengaluru.

kannada learner

While WhatsApp learners has to pay Rs 100 as fee, the live classes will not demand for any fees to learn the language. Kannada Gottilla also holds classes for corporate companies, first such class being held in Blue Jeans Networks. The fee for such classes depend on the requirements of the company.

On the first day of live class, as many as 20-25 Kannada learners gathered to understand the science of the spoken Kannada. To the surprise of many, non-Kannadigas were picking up the language with ease, yet again thanks to all the teachers led by Niveditha Gayu and Prashanth.

For Hemanth of Northern India state, Uttarakhand, popular Kannada actor, Late Dr Rajkumar came as a driving force to learn Kannada. A song sung by Rajkumar, which he listened in an eatery shop back in 2001 influenced him to know more about Rajkumar, subsequently developing love for the language. Hemanth says "I started to wade though internet searching for Kannada learning forum and the I found Kannada Gottilla.com."

kannada gottilla

Now Hemanth reads, writes and speaks in Kannada after he learning the language through WhatsApp and songs of Dr Rajkumar aka Appaji. Another learner Anu Kamath from Kerala also now writes and reads as she humbly thank Kannada Gottilla.com.  Anu says "though I write and read Kannada, I am a bit hesitant to speak, with feeling of inferiority complex grips."

Both Hemanth and Anu are elated to know that Anup Maiya has started the live class. The language come alive better in the real world and the new venture will remove virtual barricades to make Kannada bloom in the hearts of non-Kannadigas.

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