Punjab unrest: This tapped conversation makes the conspiracy clear

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New Delhi, Oct 21: A call transcript on October 15th made two brothers clearly suggests that there was a larger conspiracy behind the sacrilege of the Guru Granth Sahib at Faridkot's Bargari village on October 12.

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The police have managed to access a phone call made between two brothers and then another phone call to a person from Australia. The brothers Rupinder Singh and Jaswinder Singh are talking to each other and later one of them speaks with a contact in Australia.

Conspiracy behind Punjab unrest decoded

It becomes extremely clear through these conversations that the entire unrest was planned by handlers based out Australia and Dubai.

The conversation:

Rupinder refers to a a person called Aman and tells Jaswinder to arrange for a meeting. Jaswinder replies that this could lead to an exposure to which Rupinder says that the task is important as Aman has some pages on Maharaj. When Jaswinder tries to ask further, he is told to stop talking fearing that the intelligence agencies may be snooping in on the conversation.

The next conversation is between Rupinder and a caller from Australia. We cant come says the caller from Australia. Rupinder tells him he fears that the material may get into the wrong hands and later instructs him to hand over his account number to the Singhs. The caller from Australia says he will deposit it into the account.

A larger conspiracy:

The Punjab police say that the entire unrest was part of a larger conspiracy. Someone from Dubai and Australia was controlling these persons in Punjab. They were instructed to burn the scriptures in a bid to create a problem.

The brothers, Rupinder and Jaswant were the first to be arrested on the basis of the phone calls they made to Australia and also to each other. Investigations clearly show that they were being instructed to create an unrest.

The police also managed to get hold of call records of October 15th which also indicates that the local persons were clearly acting on instructions from Dubai and Australia. They were taking orders from radical elements and were even paid for the job. The call record of October 15th clearly suggests that these persons were attempting to further the unrest.

The police feel that while one out the seven incidents of sacrilege was planned by a foreign based group, the rest were just reactions. Even the Intelligence Bureau has warned that elements are within the group protesting who are trying their best to further the unrest.

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