Arrested Pakistani woman, wife of 'Salman Khan' gives contradictory statements

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New Delhi, July 31: A 27-year-old Pakistani woman has been detained by the Railway Police at Jalandhar. Chand Khan was on the Samjhauta Express train and when asked about her passport, she failed to produce one.

Chand Khan a resident of Karachi is being questioned for further details. An officer informed that she has been giving contradictory statements and hence she will be questioned further.

Pak woman arrrested on Samjhauta Express

Mystery woman

The Jalandhar Police have still not been able to ascertain the exact identity of this woman. She appears to be from Karachi, an officer said. However she says that she had boarded the train from Lahore.

There was information that a mystery woman had boarded the train. Normally there is no stop for the Samjhauta express at Jalandhar. However the Railway police ordered the train to be stopped and took the woman in for questioning.

During her questioning she said that she was on her way to Delhi. When asked for the reason she said that she wanted to visit a religious shrine. However she is unclear about which shrine she wanted to visit. Further investigations are on.

Security measures

The Punjab Police are taking nothing to chance following the Gurdaspur attack. There is constant monitoring of the situation with Intelligence alerts suggesting infiltration attempts from Paksitan.

On Thursday, July 30 an unidentified object was found near the Gurdaspur bus stand which sent the police into a tizzy. However the situation was brought under control with the police finding nothing.

[Pakistani woman, wife of 'Salman Khan' arrested in India]

The security mechanism in Punjab had been shaken up following the Gurdaspur attack. There have been warning signs of a revival of militancy and the Punjab administration would want to prevent that any cost.

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