Pune Shocker: Techie kills 5-year-old son, commits suicide

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Pune, Oct 12: A woman software engineer killed her 5-year-old son and then committed suicide. The shocking incident took place in Pune on Sunday, Oct 11.

The woman has been identified as Dipti, who recently left her job in a multi-national company. Her husband, Tejas, too is a software engineer.


According to police sources, Dipti first slit her son's wrists and then jumped to death from the terrace of their building. The incident took place on the day which was happened to be her birthday.

The investigating officers found a letter from the couple's house. It might be a suicide letter written by Dipti.

Cops said that Tejas was present in the house when Dipti slit their son's wrists. Tejas was in another room when Dipti came and informed him that she had killed their son.

Tejas rushed to the other room and by the time he came back to find Dipti, she left their flat and locked it from outside. Police suspected that Dipti went to the terrace and jumped off.

A police officer was quoted as saying, "Tejas said when his wife told him that she had killed their son, he rushed to the room where Arnav was and saw him lying in a pool of blood with his wrist slit. By the time he came out of the room, Dipti had gone out of the flat and locked the door from outside."

Speaking about their investigation, the officer also said, "The sequence of events, as told to us by Tejas, seems to be corroborated by two things. Neighbours told us they opened the door from outside. Second is the suspected suicide note, which we believe was written by Dipti. Based on preliminary investigation, we have registered two cases, one of murder of Arnav and the other of death of Dipti, which is suspected to be a suicide. Further investigation is on."

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