Pune Shocker: Mother beats son to death, here's why; chilling details revealed

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Pune, Aug 10: 36-year-old Rakhi Balpande has been arrested by Pune Police as she has been accused of killing her 13-year-old son, Chaitanya.

Rakhi's boyfriend Sumit More, who was the landlord of the flat where Rakhi and Chaitanya used to live in, has been also been arrested. More, as co-accused in the murder case, was sent to police custody till Aug 12.


Rakhi brought Chaitanya to hospital where she claimed that her son had suffered a fall in bathroom. However, postmortem report revealed that the teenager died due to blunt force trauma to the chest and abdomen.

During police investigation, Rakhi later confessed that she indeed had thrashed her son with a cricket bat as he allegedly had made sexual advances towards her.

However, Rakhi's mother and sister overruled her allegations against Chaitanya. They claimed that Chaitanya was a decent boy and it was Rakhi, who actually tortured her son.

After questioning Rakhi's mother, sister, estranged husband and neighbours, police found that Rakhi used to beat Chaitanya frequently over "silly reasons".

She used lock him inside the house and the child was left for starving. Rakhi's mother was quoted as saying, I had educated my daughters on dealing with hardships but never knew that Rakhi would turn out to be so bitter."

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Rakhi used to threaten to file police cases such as kidnapping, molestation and many other against those whoever had tried to help Chaitanya.

Speaking about Rakhi, her mother was quoted as saying, "She would get angry and beat him for petty reasons. Once I threatened to take Chaitanya to Nagpur with me if she did not stop hitting him and she threatened me saying that she'd register a kidnapping case against me if I ever did so."

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