Prophet Mohammad and Fatwa Controversy: Now, Iran defends India's star composer AR Rahman

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New Delhi, Sept 16: Iran's embassy to India in New Delhi issued a notice in which the country defended AR Rahman who faced a fatwa by Sunni group.

Supporting the star composer of India, Iran officials said, "No insult has been committed to Islamic values in the film... The system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, from the very beginning, has always been the standard bearer in the defence of Islam."

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AR Rahman

The latest notice has been issued just a day after AR Rahman's statement in which the composer explained why he decided to work for the movie"Muhammad: Messenger of God, which is believed to be based on the life of Prophet Mohammad.

Rahman has said that he had no intention to cause offence to any religious group and he composed music of the film "Muhammad: Messenger of God" in good faith.

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In his Facebook post, Rahman wrote, "I am not a scholar of Islam. I follow the middle path and am part traditionalist and part rationalist. I live in Western and Eastern worlds and try to love all people for what they are, without judging them."

Finding the movie against Islam, recently Mumbai-based Raza Academy had objected to the film and issued a fatwa against Oscar winner music composer and film director Majid Majidi.

In the fatwa, both Rahman and Majid have been asked to read the kalma again and also solemnise their marriage again. Rahman and Majid have been accused of making a mockery of Islam.

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