Preity Zinta throws man out of theatre for 'disrespecting' national anthem; Twitter calls her 'bully

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Mumbai, Oct 9: A day after Bollywood actress Preity Zinta tweeted how she threw a boy out of a movie hall for refusing to stand up for national anthem, social media community hit out against her.

Apparently, Preity asked a person to leave the theatre as he refused to stand for the National Anthem which was played before the movie. Unfortunately, Zinta received more brickbats than bouquets for her 'patriotic' act. She proudly tweeted sharing her experience and one day later, deleted the tweet.

#bangbang be4 Bang Bang ! Had2 throw a guy out of the Theater as he refused 2stand up4 our National Anthem! Can u believe it?Now movie time.
- Preity zinta (@realpreityzinta) October 7, 2014

But Preity's action didn't go down well with the social media community which asked her to stop 'bullying' in the name of patriotism.


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