'Havan' for Donald Trump? Hindu Sena considers him saviour of humanity

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New Delhi, May 12: Donald Trump may not have many fans in the US, but back in India, the Hindu Sena sees him as the only ray of hope against terrorism and Islamic terror.

On May 11 at Jantar Mantar, a group of people could be seen holding his photo (close to their hearts) with a Tilak on his forehead and a 'pujari' to pray for his victory. The logic behind is even bizarre- the members believe that he is th eonly man who can save humanity from Islam and Islamic terror.

Hindu Sena activists organise a havan in support of Republican US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump at Jantar Mantar, in New Delhi.

Calling him a hero, Shiv Sena chief Vishnu Gupta said, "We believe Islam and Islamic terror are cancerous to the world. India has suffered too long because of this. Trump believes the same thing... that's why we are praying for his victory."

The havan was conducted for an hour from 12:30 pm, during which the sena members urged the Almighty to shower his blessings on Trump. When wuestioned, why they are supporting Trump for the cause, the chief said, "Who are the people joining ISIS and Jaish-e- Mohamamad? They are not Hindus or Christians, they are Muslims and Donald Trump wants to counter that."

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He further added that they would not support Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump's opponent as she is secular in her approach and does not consider Islam a threat. Whereas Trump has a plan against Muslims.

The idea gets even redundant when Gupta said that the group had sent a written application to Narendra Modi, requesting him to make an appeal to the international community to garner support for the Republican frontrunner. However, they were disappointed when Modi did otherwise and said "Islam means peace" at the World Sufi Forum.

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In such a situation, they have planned to conduct several programmes to show their solidarity with Donald Trump followers.

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